The Sanity Soiree'

A free, private refuge for healing, creativity & happiness

Paiva|The Sanity Soiree'


If you are new here,  my name is Michele Paiva & I am a trauma therapist who enlists secular yoga & meditation, creativity, wellness & lifestyle and, positivity as some resources for healing & happiness.


Aside from having a therapist/coach on-demand, you'll have a compassionate, positive community. 

Free: Creative Journal Club, Book & Movie Discussion, Community.

  • Paid: The above plus...
  • Anxiety-Reduction Strategies
  • Depression-Fighting Resources
  • Toxic Relationship & Narcissist Abuse Recovery
  • Stress Reduction
  • Yoga, Meditations
  • Forgiveness Friday's
  • Self-Care & more

When you "RSVP"or join, you will have a space that is like traditional social networks like Facebook or YouTube, but with the honoring of privacy of a support group or forum. Connect to others, heal and be happier. 

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